This Website Has the Info that Their Clients Are Looking For

Charleston SEORecently we did some sub-consulting to a Charleston SEO company  They were doing some marketing for a local ladies cosmetic shop.  They passed along this useful info for our blog:

Sometimes all it takes to transform your look is to make simple changes in your beauty routines. The following simple beauty advice tips are simple to implement and will have a huge lasting impression on those around you. Even the smallest of changes can have the biggest impact. Here are some blush beauty tips for creating a beautiful life inside and out.

1. The Hidden Hair Braid – Take a one inch thick section of your hair and braid it then tuck it behind the ear. The diagonally braided hair that drapes towards the nape of the neck will keep hair in place in a very loose and sexy way.

2. Lip Gloss Trick – The trick to creating fuller lips is easier than you might imagine. Start by coating the lips with a lip balm, then add three layers of lip stick. Use nude shades, baby pinks, and top with a nude again. Use pink powder blush on top and you have both enhanced but natural texture.

3. Using Nude Ridge Filler – This simple tip will transform the appearance of your nails. Apply one coat of ridge filler base to the nails before applying nude, white, or pink polish. The filler will create a leveling effect, no more streaks, your nails will look like a clean canvas.

4. Creating the Model Smoky Eye – To get that smoky eye look all the models are sporting today, use a brush for applying the color all over the eyelid. Then you simply use a fluffy brush to blend towards the crease and the brow to lessen the intensity.

5. The Deconstructed Bun – To make a deconstructed hair bun, spray salt spray and heat protection into the hair. Pull the hair into a ponytail, twist it, flip it over the thumb, wrap the ends around the base and secure with some bobby pins.

6. Creating That Natural Glow – Al you need to create that natural glow is your favorite highlighter and a fan brush. Once the highlighter is in place, using the fan brush will create a more believable highlight due to the flexible and softer bristles.

7. Applying Eye Liner Perfectly, Take your lead from some of the most gorgeous models on the planet when it comes to applying eye liner. To apply perfectly to the lower lash, pull the skin taunt at the corner of the eye with your finger, then draw on the line. This easier and faster than the traditional way.